Tyler Stories - as told by family, friends, and observers

I went up to RHAM to pick up my son after varsity basketball practice.  I walked into the back of the gym and realized that all the players were still showering/dressing in the locker room.  There on the gym floor by himself was Tyler Cormier, the Team’s manager.  Tyler was shooting outside shots.  I didn’t really know Tyler, I just knew him as the Team’s manager.  But I knew from my son that he was everyone’s  “little brother”.  Tyler’s next shot bounced off the rim in my direction, so I walked a little closer to gather in the ball and I passed it to Tyler so he could shoot another one.  Next thing I knew, Tyler was shooting from the same spot and I was running around grabbing rebounds and passing it back to him.  Tyler said nothing, he had an intense concentration of shooting with his tongue hanging out of his mouth a la Michael Jordan.  

He then hit a stretch where he sunk five outside balls in a row with some of the RHAM players now watching as they exited the locker room  A few of the players made funny comments to Tyler and of course he jibed back at them in fun.  I started to leave and said to Tyler, “nice shooting”.  He said simply, “I know”.  For those brief five minutes that I was allowed on the inside, I saw the beauty of Tyler.  I realized then how fortunate my son was to have him and that Tyler was there for all of us.  Just shooting baskets and enjoying life’s simple moments.
Al Pollock – Hebron

When Gretchen Ulion returned home with her Olympic Gold Medal for women's ice hockey, Tyler anxiously awaited her visit to school. We had asked Gretchen to meet 1 on 1 with Tyler before visiting with the entire school. Tyler was asked to bring his Olympic Gold Medals for Gretchen to see.

During their meeting, Gretchen placed her medal in Tyler's hands and he remarked that it was heavier than his. "Yes", she remarked, "but you have more than me, I only have one, you have lots." He beemed with pride. That simple gentle moment taught all of us in the room what the Olympic spirit was all about.
The Forand Family

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